Bentonite Clay – *Winter Special*

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– Pamper your face naturally with our clarifying bentonite clay mask. Bentonite has been around for centuries. Give your skin a deep detox, improves your skin texture.
– Suitable for:
– Combination to oily skin type. A must for acne-prone skin/dark spots/ blemishes/pimples, excellent for back acne due to our hormones changing due to age and workouts.
– Ingredients:
– Bentonite clay – Our Earth most powerful natural beauty remedy.
– Results with regular use:
– Healthy looking skin
– Smooth skin & pores
– Fresh glow, even skin tone
– Experience the pull sensation
– Tightens & exfoliates the skin
– Detoxifies
– Helps to reduce redness & inflammation
– Dark spots start to fade with regular use
– Helps to remove bacteria from the skin & excessive sebum
– Helps with acne-prone skin
– Congested skin.

How to use:
Clay face mask: In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix equal parts of 1-2 tsp of clay powder with 1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar, water, milk, honey. For each mask paste you make, its texture must always look creamy, like yoghurt. Apply your mask with a mask brush. Avoid the eye & lip area. For every application of the mask, let it sit for approx 10-15 min. For sensitive skin, apply for 5-10min. Apply to clean moist face. Rinse the clay off your face before it dries. Never let the clay dry out on your face. Rinse your face with warm water. Apply your secret serum followed by your moisturiser. Some redness after rinsing is normal.

– For external use only.
– Do not use metal spoons or bowls when mixing your clay.
– Please do a patch test before use.
– Not to be used by the elderly or pregnant women.
– Tip: Allow your clay paste to sit for about 5-10 minutes, so that it thickness like the consistency of yoghurt. Then apply the paste with a mask brush to face.

Other uses:
– Energizing detox bathPoulticeDetox foot bathHelps with PsoriasisEczema& chicken posthair mask for natural hairitching skin.Stings* Back

What’s in the box
1 x Bentonite Clay – Beauty Clay Facemask


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